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مدخل إلى علم الكلام

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Prof.DR. Mohd Faker Meybodi

Bagian dari album "International Conference on Da'wah and Islamic Management"
Practice and Prospect 
24 NOVEMBER 2010


Prof.DR. Mohd Faker Meybodi

Profesor Bidang Tafsir Sunni-Syi'ah
Al Mustafa International University
جامعة المصطفى العالمية
Universitas tersebut memiliki kerjasama/cabang di beberapa negara termasuk Indonesia,  iaitu Universitas Paramadina
Beliau adalah pakar sunni dan digelar Hujjatul Islam, dan konsentrasi pada kajian perbandingan tafsir Sunni & Syi'ah, karya monumentalnya adalah
قواعد التفسير لدى الشيعة والسنة
قواعد التفسير لدى الشيعة والسنة

Monday, October 8, 2012

International Conference on Islamic Leadership

International Conference


 Islamic Leadership


The success of the International Conference on Islamic Leadership (ICIL-2) in 2012 has made the Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) and the Malaysian Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT) collaborates for the second time to organize the International Conference on Islamic Leadership (ICIL) 2012. With the theme “Intellectuality and Leadership of Muslim Scholars in Research, Innovation and Creativity”, we invite all scholars, academia, professionals, leaders and those who are interested to join and share knowledge in this conference. This is in line with recent rapid growth in knowledge development, high impact research, innovation and creativity that are now starting to receive attention in the academic world. 

The culture of research, innovation and creativity particularly in higher learning institution is capable to reinforce the agenda of the National Higher Education Strategic Plan (PSPTN). Thus, the efforts to strengthen and to improvise the existing achievement should be executed by all Muslim intellectuals in the world. To build up the agenda, Muslim intellectuals should work collectively with profound understanding in establishing beneficial research that can benefit the ummah. Therefore, partnerships between new and old researchers, the combination of different disciplines of knowledge, and determination of priorities of common interests should be consistent among academic leaders in higher learning institutions. What is pertinent to support such exertion is to place research, empirical and non-empirical, in the field of leadership and Islam at the highest peak. Accordingly, it is hoped that this international conference can then be the main reference in the field; comparable to contemporary research based on Western epistemology.